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Around the country, many gardeners are starting to grow more native perennials and fewer fussy exotics. Some gardeners are growing more natives due to their lower maintenance requirements while others want to help save our dwindling pollinator populations. Our native perennials provide pollen, nectar and food for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Growing more native perennials in our gardens is one step towards helping bring back bees and butterflies.

Reasons to Grow Native Perennials

  1. Many native perennials thrive in poor soil. Actually, we recommend that you do not fertilize any of our plants unless their care tag states otherwise.
  2. Daily irrigation is expensive and a waste of fresh water. When sited properly, many natives are somewhat drought tolerant or able to go for many days without supplemental irrigation.
  3. Pesticides usage in home gardens is a detrimental but growing problem. Many exotic plants in our gardens require regular spraying to fend off pests while adjacent native species have few if any pests. Pesticides are wiping out bee and butterfly populations around the country.
  4. Some species of songbird populations drop 5-10% per year. This is due to habitat loss. Devoting portions of our gardens to natives can help feed and house songbirds.
  5. They are beautiful additions to our gardens!

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