Hold the Soil: An Introduction to Tillandsias



Apartments in Seoul are slowly shrinking while interest in gardening is growing among Koreans. Many interior plants are recognized for their environmental and psychological benefits as they filter impurities from the air and reduce stress in offices and homes. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough space to grow more than a few plants on their desk or windowsill. Wall gardens allow interior gardeners to utilize often-wasted vertical space in order to create customizable living facades. Many epiphytic plants are well suited for such situations and can even bloom when properly cared for.

Tillandsias are epiphytes of the family Bromeliaceae. These relatives of the pineapple (Ananas comosus) are found in the forests and arid regions of Central and South America. Tillandsias are commonly refered to as “air plants”. They can’t survive on just air inside a building but they are easy to grow. Tillandsias are available in many different shapes, textures, colors and sizes. They also have different cultural requirements so there is almost always a species of tillandsia that can grow somewhere in your home.

DSC01190Botanique exhibited a few different species at the Paik Hae Young Gallery on December 14th. Visitors were shown how to care for wall gardens and took home tillandsias to grow at home.

DSC01188 DSC01187 DSC01186

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